Boxcar No. 1775

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Boxcar No. 1775 is numbered for the year that the U.S. Marine Corps was founded. This car was built in October of 1965 by the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) at its Sam Rea Shops in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. The 50-foot long, 4,444-cubic-foot capacity boxcar was originally numbered in the PRR No. 110000-series, a class X58 insulated boxcar built for general service. It could haul nearly any kind of climate-sensitive merchandise freight throughout the United States, but it was used primarily to move bottled beer. It served in this capacity through the 1968 Penn Central merger and into Conrail in 1976.

In the early 1990s, this boxcar was selected for a unique assignment. Rebuilt as Conrail No. 368191 in August of 1992, this car became Conrail’s “Safety on Rails Theater” (S.O.R.T.) car, touring the Conrail system in support of Operation Lifesaver. The interior of the car was remodeled as a theater, complete with a movie projector to show railroad safety films to everyone from schoolchildren to first responders.

When Conrail was split up between Norfolk Southern and CSX in 1999, this boxcar became the property of Norfolk Southern. It was donated to the Military Transport Association (MTA) of Budd Lake, New Jersey in 2009 and painted in its unique camouflage scheme by volunteers from the MTA for service on the Toys for Tots train. It was acquired by Operation Toy Train directly in 2018. Storage for the car throughout the year is donated by the Dover & Rockaway River Railroad (DRRV).