Boxcar No. 1947

13 Wells Fargo Logo.png

Boxcar No. 1947 is numbered for the year that the Toys for Tots Foundation was founded. This car was built in December of 1979 by the FMC Corporation at their Gunderson Metal Works in Springfield, Oregon. The 50-foot long, 5,277-cubic-foot capacity boxcar was originally Minnesota, Dakota & Western Railway (MD&W) No. 8061, assigned to haul rolls of paper throughout the northwestern United States. The car was eventually sold to General Electric (GE) Railcar, a leasing company, where it was renumbered NADX No. 8206 and continued to be leased out in paper-hauling service. The car was stored in Michigan around 2015, shortly before GE Railcar sold its entire lease fleet to Wells Fargo Rail of Chicago, Illinois.

The car sat unused until August of 2018, when Wells Fargo Rail graciously donated the car to Operation Toy Train. Prior to shipping the car to New Jersey (with the movement also donated by Wells Fargo Rail), it was completely mechanically refurbished by the Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad (E&LS) of Wells, Michigan, who donated all of the work. Funding for its unique winter camouflage scheme and lettering was donated by Liberty Historic Railway. The car was painted in November of 2018 by Jeff Conner of Greenville, Pennsylvania, while the lettering and banners were provided by FastSigns of East Hanover, New Jersey. Storage for the car throughout the year is donated by the Dover & Rockaway River Railroad (DRRV).