Boxcar No. 2009

17 Firefighters Logo.png

Boxcar No. 2009 is numbered for the first year of operations for Operation Toy Train. This car was built in March of 1964 by the Pacific Car & Foundry Company at their plant in Renton, Washington. The 57-foot long, 3,970-cubic-foot capacity car was originally a mechanical reefer, used exclusively to transport frozen or refrigerated food products throughout the United States.

In the early 2000s, the car was acquired by The Firefighters Education and Training Foundation of Sherborn, Massachussetts, who assigned the car to the Massachusetts Call / Volunteer Firefighters Association as training car MCVX No. 91101. When the car was retired from this service, The Firefighters Education and Training Foundation donated the car to Operation Toy Train in October of 2018. CSX Transportation donated all of the mechanical work to get the car roadworthy as well as the movement of the car to New Jersey.

Funding for its unique Marines-inspired paint scheme and lettering was donated by Liberty Historic Railway. The car was painted in November of 2018 by Jeff Conner of Greenville, Pennsylvania, while the lettering and banners were provided by FastSigns of East Hanover, New Jersey. Storage for the car throughout the year is donated by the Dover & Rockaway River Railroad (DRRV).