Local Businesses/Organizations

Is your business or organization interested in becoming a collection point for our train? Operation Toy Train works closely with local establishments that are accessible to the public and have a location for a Toys for Tots collection box. You can view a list of our current drop-off locations by clicking here, and a full list of our sponsors by clicking here! For more information on how to become one of our partners, email us at info@operationtoytrain.org.


The best way to get involved is to donate toys! View our train schedule to see where you can meet the train and drop off new toys (no wrapping paper, please!).

NOTE: Operation Toy Train does not accept new volunteers or riders for the train. Space constraints, logistics, and railroad safety regulations require us to keep the number of riders on the train as low as possible.

Monetary Contributions

If you are interested in making a financial contribution to the operation of our train, please click here to donate! Operation Toy Train is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your donations are tax-deductible!

  December 3, 2016 by Angeline Li

December 3, 2016 by Angeline Li